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"Have been coming since October '07 and thoroughly enjoy the workouts and all the instructors!"
Cathy Brandt



SUSAN PERRY | return to top

susan perrySusan, is a native of Ireland, and mother of two.  She received her BS in Exercise Kinesiology and Nutrition from UT Austin.  Health and fitness has always been her passion.  Being a successful personal trainer for 8 years, Susan seen the growth in mind body health.  She was drawn to Pilates, not because of any physical ailment, but because Joseph Pilates’ total integrated system of training made complete sense to her.  Her appreciation of human physiology convinced Susan Pilates was the area she needed to explore further.

Susan completed her advanced training through Power Pilates, New York.  She enjoys combining her knowledge of strength training, nutrition counseling, and her passion for Pilates to bring a comprehensive approach to fitness to her clients.

She is the proud co-founder of Core and More Pilates.

NANCY CRANDALL | return to top

terry whiteNancy is a native of Houston and has lived in Lakeway for more than 25 years. She has a BA in Education fom UT Austin.

Nancy is also the Owner/Director of Backstage Dance School. She has taught all types of dance to children and adults for 30 years. As a dance professional, she had discovered Pilates and it's ability to heal and transform the body.

Nancy began to integrate Pilates into her teaching and has been committed to the practice ever since. She has also completed her comprehensive training with BASI in 2009 as well as trained with PAI and taken continuing education classes with several Pilates Masters.

Nancy is excited to be at Core and More and to share her passion for form and figure.

LOUISE MICHAUD | return to top

louiseLouise is originally from Pennsylvania. She has a BA in Political Science from Reed College in Portland, Oregon and studied for her MBA at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. She has two sons with husband Mark.

Always an active individual, Louise has competed in horseback riding, cheerleading, swimming, racket ball and running. Her professional career in Accounting actually led her to Pilates. Working long days sitting at a desk, combined with congenital scoliosis translated to chronic back pain. Her discovery of Pilates in 2006 resulted in relief from pain and a 10 year journey. Training for 8+ years as a participant, Louise began certification with PEAK Pilates in January of 2015 and received comprehensive certification in May 2016. While pursuing her certification she has worked under many trainers in the Austin area and at the Olympic Center for Excellence in Park City, Utah.

Louise truly believes in the power of classical Pilates to transform lives. Pilates can create and enable long, strong and flexible bodies and minds. It is her goal to share the benefits with others through the rigorous, consistent and mindful training process of Joseph H. Pilates.

JANET EITNIER | return to top

louiseGrowing up in Hawaii Janet always focused on physical fitness with a wide range of interests, including yoga, running, hiking, and weight lifting.  She first discovered Pilates after moving back to Colorado Springs by taking the occasional Mat class.  Over the years Janet’s interest in Pilates grew, especially after getting on a Reformer—she was hooked!  Janet began certification with PEAK Pilates in June 2015 and received the PEAK Pilates Full Comprehensive certification in January 2017. 

Because she sees what Pilates can bring to her clients, Janet wants more and more people to include Pilates in their busy schedule, getting their body moving so they can be productive in every aspect of life -- balancing the mind, body, and spiritual connection. 

The Pilates method of body conditioning reawakens and stimulates brain cells, stimulating further the functioning of 
the mind.
Joseph H. Pilates

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